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Zachęcamy do komunikacji zarówno wewnątrz stowarzyszenia jaki i z zarządem, stąd poniżesz adresy:

– zarząd

– członkowie

– grupy lokalne w Polsce


Website changes/issues/improvements – write to (recipients are chairs and stream leads of Marketing WG). If things go through, we’ll set up a CR (change request) with our website vendor Qulix and it gets done within a workday after that.
Partners – write to (that also includes if logos or statuses need changing). In case of new partner include logo and statistics that are published on the website.
Accredited Training Providers/Exam Providers – handle through the app. When you update the data it gets synced to the website with a max 3-hour delay.
Conference Network (including Network for Academia) – write to . To speed things up it helps that the applicant is aware of the requirements of the Network and includes the necessary logos+text with the request for listing. (See for details: )
News/Social Media – send the proposed news item to News items will have to go through exec for approval. Social media gets planned and broadcated by the content team.
All other matters: contact and we’ll give our best to help you out 🙂
There’s no such thing as „marketing back-office” anymore. I know that many of you were using the e-mail – this is not in use anymore (but forwarded to chairs/streamleads of Marketing WG for legacy purposes).