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7.06.2022 - 10.06.2022


The EuroSTAR 2022 Call for Speakers is now open.

EuroSTAR 2022 Programme Chair, Graham Freeburn, and his committee; Sue Atkins (UK), Morten Hougaard (Denmark), Bart Knaack (Netherlands) and Tone Molyneux (Norway) invite you to share your expertise and inspire the EuroSTAR community. If you have an experience story, a real customer case study or an exciting project to share, you should apply to speak at EuroSTAR. Submissions are invited across all topics and ideas might include:

  • How you shaped your testing in a project to best fit the context 
  • Building and developing your testing skills – what “shape” of tester do you want to become? 
  • How best to learn from things that go wrong or are difficult1.   
  • What should the shape of testing be in the future? 
  • What shapes / variations of techniques have you used and what benefits did they deliver? 
  • The floor is open… 

Authenticity and real-life stories are key. Bring your passion and help our committee create a diverse and exciting programme of talk for EuroSTAR 2022. This is open to speakers of all levels. You are invited to be part of Europe’s biggest software testing conference with attendees coming together, from Europe, and all over the world. 

See the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference website for more details. Closing date for submissions is Monday 15th November 2021!