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11.06.2024 - 14.06.2024


Take to the EuroSTAR 2024 Stage in Sweden   

EuroSTAR 2024 will be in Stockholm, Sweden and the theme is “What Are We Doing Here?”. That’s a wide-open question, with lots of possible interpretations and related questions. Learn more about the Call for Speakers on the EuroSTAR website.  

The EuroSTAR 2024 Programme team of Programme Chair Michael Bolton (Canada) together with Ru Cindrea (Finland), Bas Dijkstra (The Netherlands), Baldvin Gislason Bern (Sweden), and Tanya Vos (Spain) aim to build a schedule of talks that delivers the best content from around the world. 

There will be four types of session:  

·       Track Talks – 1 Hour (40 mins presentation + 20 mins discussion) *NEW FORMAT

·       Keynotes – 1 Hour (45 mins + 15 mins Q&A) 

·       Half Day Tutorials – 3.5 Hours (incl 30min break) 

·       Full Day Tutorials – 7 Hours (incl 2 x 30min breaks) 

 *The 2024 Track Talks are longer to provide more time to present your idea/story, and also to allow more time for discussion, reflection, and alternative perspectives.

See the full Call for Speakers on the EuroSTAR website. Submission Deadline 17th September.